• Diamond and Zuchu have been rumoured to be dating for a long while now but neither have confirmed it


Zuchu gifted Diamond's mom a 'grandchild'
Diamond with Zuchu Zuchu gifted Diamond's mom a 'grandchild'
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian singer Zuchu is making headlines again days after declaring that she is single.

The Fire hitmaker's alleged romance with her boss Diamond Platnumz seems to be haunting her day in and day out and netizens can't stop linking the two together.

The 'Sukari' hitmaker and Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote were seen for the first time in public together without any animosity around them.

Netizens were surprised to see the two laughing and having a good time. In the past, the two had been rumored not to be on good terms.

While backstage at a show by Wasafi artistes, Zuchu brought Mama Dangote a medium-huge-sized red teddy bear with a love heart in the middle of its paws.

The doll had Diamond's mom incredibly excited as she referred to it as her grandchild.

“Nimeletewa mjukuu. Jamani mjukuu wangu,” said Mama Dangote (I’ve been brought for a grandkid. My grandkid).

When asked the name of the ‘grandkid’ Zuchu said it is called Sanura. Mama Dangote’s real name is Sanura Sandrah Kassi.

The act seems to be a confirmation that Mama Dangote has accepted Zuchu as her son’s lover.

Rumour had it that Mama Dangote was having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Diamond and Zuchu were an item.

Both Diamond’s mother and Zuchu’s mother had confirmed in the past that they are not friends and that they rarely talk.

Mama Zuchu who is a famous Taraab musician, Khadija Kopa said in a past interview that she doesn’t even have Mama Diamond’s phone number.

“We don’t visit each other but she has no beef with me. I have not heard nor have I seen it. I have never had her number but in case of anything, I will get it and call her. Most of the time I visit Esma’s shop I find her there and we talk. Creating hatred amongst us is even against God.”

She also rubbished claims that Diamond is her son-in-law;

“If Diamond was my potential son-in-law, he would have already come and given his dowry, then I would have called him my son-in-law.”

She insisted, ‘Diamond is not my future son-in-law.’

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