Priest dies minutes after giving sermon at a burial

The bishop had during the burial ceremony said he would want to die like the person whose mass he was presiding.

• He was suffering from blood pressure and Diabetes.

• Doctors confirmed that he died of a cardiac arrest.

Tanzanian Bishop George Cheiteto dies minutes after giving a sermon during a funeral ceremony.

An Anglican Bishop lost his life minutes after giving a sermon at a funeral service.

George Cheiteto was presiding over the funeral service of the wife of a fellow bishop identified as Hilda Lugendo.

The incident occurred in Tanga, Tanzania.

Maimbo Mdolwa who was leading the service said George passed away after suffering from a heart attack.

Speaking during an interview with Ayo TV he shared

" The doctors told us that George got a cardiac arrest.He had Diabetes and he also had blood pressure."

Before his death George was preaching during the funeral service when he stood before the crowd and said he would want to die like that.

He sat down after the sermon and he immediately fell from the chair after feeling dizzy due to blood pressure.

He was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital.

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