Tanasha Donna goes after TZ blogger using clickbait to sell her content

The TZ blogger insinuated that Tanasha underwent cosmetic surgery to resemble Hamisa Mobetto

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• She said people taking things out of context is the reason she doesn't do a lot of interviews

• Tanasha stated that controversial and negative sells is getting kinda old

Image: Instagram

Singer Tanasha Donna is furious after a Tanzanian blogger tampered with the information she gave to get likes and clicks.

Mama Naseeb took to her social media platform to express her dissatisfaction as she wrote;

“Some bloggers be disrespectful out here," she stated  

 To give her followers context, Donna gave a back story on where it all began,

"A Tz blogger messaged me and was calling me back-to-back for an interview. (I gave it to them, so they don't feel like I'm full of myself) since they have been trying to get to me for a time now," she explained.

"The blogger sends me questions and makes it seem as if their focus is on the art... Even asking when the movie am being featured in is dropping, ask about my music, lifestyle of course amongst other stuff," she continued.

The mother of one termed the manipulated interview as the reason why she rarely speaks to the media.

"But then edit and crop the part that will appear most controversial and in such a disrespectful way.

" To make it worse, use the stupidest clickbait instead of focusing on the art, the focus is on the gossip, and this is why I don't do a lot of interviews!!!" she expressed


She went on crown Millard Ayo and his media house as one of the most credible outlets in Tanzania.

"The disrespect in this industry. This whole perspective of "controversial and negative sells" is getting kinda old.

No wonder media houses like Millard Ayo remain the best!!! Top two in my opinion. Much respect for them," the Gere artist concluded.

The disrespect is after the said Tanzanian blogger made it look like she did her surgery to resemble Hamisa Mobeto.

In the interview, she mentioned she did the cosmetic surgery for personal reasons, only for the blogger to use Hamisa's story as Clickbait.

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