Juma Jux: Steamy photos I shared had no agenda

Juma Jux left women dying to have a piece of him.

• Juma Jux said that he had no ill intention when sharing the photos.

• He also said that the only way he would have marketed the briefs is by wearing them.

He has been marketing boxers and women can't keep calm.
Juma Jux. He has been marketing boxers and women can't keep calm.
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian star Juma Jux has told off people thirsting over steamy photos shared on his socials.

In the photos, he was seen posing in boxers.

Ladies crowded the comment section thirsting over the artist. 

While addressing the media in Kariokoo, Dar Es Salaam, the singer said he was just advertising his business.

"When you look at other brands like Calvin Klein and other big brands when they want to advertise an undergarment like a boxer, they wear it. There is no other way you can advertise."

He went on to say that people like Justin Beiber and David Beckham take photos with boxers.

"It is okay, I aimed to advertise my business. I didn't just wear it to take a photo. If you have any other agenda, that's on you. I aim to make you look at the product I'm selling which is a boxer. It is just a photo, no other agenda."

Jux owns an apparel company dubbed 'African Boy.

The brand sells merchandise such as hoodies and T-shirts.

Among people who rock African Boy attires is Radio King Maina Kageni.

Is he the brand ambassador?

"I love wearing African Boy (by Juma Jux) because I believe in his brand. Jux had just finished university and got back to Tanzania when we met.

He is a very good friend of mine, I can just pick up my phone and call, I can also appear on his doorstep and even stay there for a week. 

I am his boy for life."

Jux's collection is international and we can't help but appreciate his business acumen. He has proven that he is a jerk of all trades.

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