Unique characters about the newly elected leaders

Kenyans are amused at some of the things about newly elected representatives

• From Nakuru county to Machakos and Kisumu, KOT are reacting in memes

• We are all being urged to exercise patience as we wait for the results

KOT create election meme 2022
election meme KOT create election meme 2022

We are all being encouraged to exercise peace and patience as the vote tallying continues from the August 9 elections.

The slow count is making Kenyans increasingly tense.

On Saturday, anti-riot police were called into the national counting center as political party agents tried to disrupt the tallying process.

Legally, the electoral commission has a full week to announce the outcome of Tuesday's poll.

The anxious moments for the final result have seen Kenyans take to their social media to comment about the newly elected leaders for all positions.

From counties with women-only leaders to academicians, the list is endless and funny.

Nakuru and Machakos county which elected an all-female leadership has now been christened Nakuru Girls.

Men are being made fun of that they need to embrace the new all-women look and act accordingly.

To demonstrate the achievement, here are hilarious comments 

@STonkeiCongratulations Machakos girls following in the steps of Nakuru girls 👏👏👏Waiting for the day we'll have Kajiado girls 🙏🙏


@kandagorkellyBro, it's nakuru girls,..!No wonder nakuru kunanyesha tw😅😅😅

@wuod_sakwaHuko Nakuru girls it's just a matter of time buildings zote zipakwe pink! 😭😂😂

Other Kenyans have also noticed something about Kisumu county's new leadership. Most of them are Ph.D. holders, whether honorary or earned.

Here is the joke about it, as others troll Kiambu because all names start with Wa-something: Wamatinga, Wamatangi, Wa Jungle, Wangùkù, Wa Macukuru, Wa Iria, the business they are in.

A KOT put it aptly

@wainaruaKiambu imejaa ma brokers. Wa murathaWa thangwaWa matangiWa muchomba.

Even Bahati was not spared in the jokes. Someone put together a collage of the people in the music video Adhiambo and noticed he is the only one who didn't make it.

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