Amber Ray denies dating Vera Sidika's baby daddy Brown Mauzo

Amber Ray denies dating Vera's bae Brown Mauzo

• Amber Ray has in the past dated the current Nyaribari Chache Mp Zaheer, Jhanda, Jamal Roho Safi and Sierra Leone national Kabba and currently Kenny Rapudo.

• Brown Mauzo is the boyfriend and baby daddy to Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika.


Amber Ray
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Kenyan socialite Amber Ray has denied ever dating Vera Sidika's bae cum baby daddy brown Mauzo.

Ray says what they had between them was all for clout.

On whether she and now Vera's baby daddy, Brown Mauzo dated Amber was quick to deny the accusation stating that it was all a clout chasing showbiz moment.

Still on her insta stories QnA a fan asked her, " did you really date Mauzo or was it showbiz??"

" 100% showbiz, we have never even kissed, " the entrepreneur replied, distancing herself from Mauzo completely.

Amber also revealed that although she and Huddah are not friends as they have never hanged out together she does find Huddah interesting and cool.

She wrote, " no, we are not friends but I love her vibe 100%"

Amber recently sent out a message to her exes asking them not to be bitter.

She was targeting her Sierra Leonne ex-boyfriend who is known for tarnishing her name on his insta-stories.

"I have a few words for my exes. We had a good time together so guys, so just let it be like that. Tuwache mauchungu and all that," she said.

"You can never destroy me with what you think that you have on me. So let us just love what we had and the beautiful memories. That is life and it keeps moving on."

Amber Ray was in the past involved with Somali Business man Jimal Roho Safi.

She has a tatoo of his name, something she got rid of after their breakup.

On her Instagram, she shared a video of the ink removal process, slamming the lover.

During the removal procedure, Amber captioned;

"Well, I don’t regret the love I gave because you probably needed it. F*ck you tho!"

She then moved on with a Sierra Leone man identified as Kabba and the two have since been shading each other after their short relationship.

Well, in a post that seemed to be directed to the ex, Amber alleged she broke up with him since he was broke and not her type.

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