• Mulamwah has exposed the face of the man his ex is allegedly dating.

• Mulamwah claims the mystery man is married. 

Comedian Mulamwah
Image: Instagram/Mulamwah

Kendrick Mulamwah is a man under siege. His comments slamming his ex-girlfriend for allegedly moving on with a certain man have not gone down well with Kenyans. 

Two weeks ago, Cartol Sonnie showed off the hand of a man she hinted was her new bae.

“I’m very happy. Mapenzi matamu… eehh raha kupendwa., (being loved is such a beautiful thing)” As she tried not to blush." Sonnie alluded to the fact that she will have a reveal party to unveil his face."

But that plan has been quickly nipped in the bud, as Mulamwah claimed some unsubstantiated things in an Instagram post he made.

in happier times
Carrol Sonie with Mulamwah in happier times
Image: Instagram

Fellow comedians Terence Creative and YY have advised him to accept they broke up and move on.

Terence Creative  told Mulamwah, "Get off of social media, and go solve these problems privately."

Comedian YY weighed in "Bro if I were to tell you the things girls have done to us, you would save your dark tales and take the L ...Don't soil your present with the past however painful it can be, enjoy and embrace what you have now. Give time, time you are building a mansion now and if you want to experience peace in it empty your chest.."

A lot of Kenyans agreed with the advice given to Mulamwah. Below are responses urging Mulamwah to heal and move on for the sake of their daughter;

nyowinyowi @yycomedian weueh watu wamepigwa na kupigana character development ndio hukua na the best advise 😂

mugweru_._ Hizi ni vitu za kusolve kando mkiwa wawili 😂👍

_pokot_niccur Mlisema huu ni mwaka wa kuambiana ukweli😂

moderndayhub Pure facts 👏

Mulamwah and Sonnie parted ways three months after their daughter was born. The couple feuded in public for a while and sadly Mulamwah brought their daughter into the feud.

He alleged the child wasn't his, and this did not go down well with KOT. He was blasted and later doubled down on his claims.

The puzzling thing is that after all his claims, he would, later on, accept the paternity for that same daughter he had denied.

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