• This is an appreciation post for blessing our timeline with dimples

• Their dashing good looks come with dimples and we love it

in a file photo
Johnson Sakaja in a file photo
Image: The-Star

Dimples are said to be the reason behind most amazing smiles.

Cheek dimples are technically known as Fovea buccalis.

Dimples are universally considered a physically attractive feature. 

From Mutahi Kagwe to Johnson Sakaja, here is a list of male politicians with alluring dimples.

According to science, cheek dimples are the result of a muscle in the cheek, the zygomaticus major, splitting in two.

Before birth this muscle can split into a superior bundle that is positioned above the corner of the mouth, and an inferior bundle, below the corner of the mouth.

We have compiled a list of Kenyan male politicians who have dimples. Ladies prepare to go gaga

1. Johnson Sakaja Arthur

The Nairobi Senator is running for the Nairobi Governor seat. 

In his latest social media post, Sakaja has shared a moment smiling. Female fans have commented how captivating it is and more so his dimples. 

2. Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa

The Kenya Kwanza allied MP is seeking re election. 

3. Najib Balala

The Tourism CS has quite a captivating smile and the dimples brought forth.

4. Kiambu politician Jungle Patrick

Jungle is a Kiambu Gubernatorial candidate under Kenya Kwanza. 

Wainaina Jungle
Kiambu Governor aspirant Wainaina Jungle
Image: Twitter

6. Peter Kenneth

Kenneth has stunningly good looks and the dimples are a plus.

7. Dennis Maina Kiharu Mp aspirant 

Our ovaries are twerking. Girls, have you seen this mans dimples

8. Mutahi Kagwe

The Health CS provides us with daily Covid updates and while doing so, we can't help but take note of his dimples.

9. Gideon Moi

The KANU allied politicians blows us away with his good looks. When he smiles his dimples are irresistible.

Gideon Moi smiling
Image: Twitter

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