• Moya  said it was a dream come true to launch a business

• Moya termed the spa an accomplishment

in a plane
Moya David in a plane
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Dancer David Moya has opened up about having to do surprise dances for clients with side chicks.

Speaking to Mpasho's Kalondou Musyimi, Moya told

Moya held a grand opening for his spa in Kilimani a couple of days ago.

“I have always wanted to own something for myself and at the age of 25, for me, this is a great accomplishment,” Moya said.

On the launch day, he repeated the same message

“I have been planning this for a long, I used to save before and I topped up with what I have been saving now. Some of my good friends have been giving me ideas and advising me on how to spend my money and I have been keen to follow their advice,” Moya remarked.

He told Kalondu that it has taken him a year to save for the business. This was before he entered the limelight.

He invested millions to launch it. 

"I had so many other business ideas but now for the content, I do this my clients were women and I saw spa would work for me"

David has a huge following  of women and thanked them for it.

The Tit Tok Star has 12 employees at the spa.

His business mentors?

"Yes" adding he looked at the market and came up with the idea.

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Moya has done over a 1000 surprises with some kept private

"some people want privacy, some are in Government  even kanju. They don't  like that life of social media, so those are kept private" I carry out the wishes of my clients" Moya added

He admitted he does dances for side chicks "I don't share those ones. I have to be professional . Mi niko job tuu."

How does Moya know they are side chicks?

"Some tell me, and then others you can just tell it's a side chick. they tell me, I just do my job. I don't judge them"

He warns that he charges these cheating clients more to apologize to their wives.

He says it's because he is uncertain if he will face danger from an angry wife when delivering the surprise.

Moya also thanked musician Marioo for allowing him to use the song Mi Amor, the hit song behind his dance moves on Tiktok.

"he reasons very well and we are both benefiting from using the song"

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