• Consistency and creativity are what have gained these YouTubers millions of followers.

• The creatives share their content with the world and that makes gloomy days brighter.

Mungai Eve
content creator Mungai Eve
Image: Courtesy

Youtube has become one of the mainstream socials where people can be themselves producing content and still earn thousands from it.

Social media has become quite popular with Kenyans and all across the world.

The site has enabled people to post whatever content they feel is best for a particular audience; with this more young people and old have come out to show what they can do best.

It is not a secret that you tubers make more money than they would on other social media platforms hence the popularity.

Kenya has not been left behind and now more than they are representing themselves on the platform with entertaining content.

There are a couple of Kenyans who have garnered more followers every day making them the best and most followed content creators.

Here is a list of Kenyan You tuber that is making waves and money moves whilst creating content on Youtube;

Otile Brown

Otile Brown was among the first Kenyans to hit 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel thanks to his music.

He is loved by many and the only way they can prove their loyalty is by following him on YouTube.

He is also among Kenyan stars whose songs have hit more than 30 million views.

He currently has 1.2 million You tube subscribers.

Otile Brown
Image: Facebook

• Diana Marua

The rapper and wife of singer/ politician Bahati have become very popular on social media and you can get to see the love people have for her on Youtube.

Diana Marua has been putting out content based on her family and her personal life that many Kenyans have been interested in.

The 'mapenzi tight kama kifuniko ya gas' rapper has gained a huge following and view that has got her laughing all the way to the bank.

Just recently, Diana appeared top ten on a list of Kenyan tubers.

Mungai Eve

Mungai Eve a Kenyan popular you tuber known for her controversial interviews with celebrities is a big hit.

You tuber does not only post about interviews but also has a cook with me content that she can garner different audiences for different content.

The Wajesus family

The WaJesus family is a couple that posts you tube content on their family and personal life.

Despite the scandals, the couple has faced due to her husband's past relationships they are still growing their channel.

Crazy Tales Of Kennar

Kennar is a young talented star that is very popular on both Instagram and you tube.

The comedian shares his creativity with the world that makes gloomy days brighter; he has slowly won the hearts of Kenyans and he does not seem to be slowing down anytime.

He is not only a comedian but also a businessman, Kennar has an Eatery that is popular among his fellow creatives.

Henry Desagu

Desagu is a top Youtuber in Kenya with 660k subscribers on youtube.

The You tuber became famous through a comical video he did while using ambiguous words that left people flabbergasted.

He is still relevant and keeps posting his content on youtube.


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