•Her famous dad Diamond dropped by South Africa to surprise her

•Tiffah wants a hooverbaord and iphone

Diamond Platnumz has dropped by Zari's home to celebrate his daughter Tiffah's birthday.

Tiffah turned 7 years old on august 4th. Princess Tiffah has 3million followers on Instagram and entertains her fans with videos dancing along to her famous fathers music.

Tiffah wrote about her birthday

"How I sleep and wake up knowing its my birthday month....

Mama Dangote and her ben 10 boyfriend Uncle Shamte, Esma Platnumz among other family members have flown to South Africa for a party.

Sharing a video, Uncle Shamte proudly showed off the family at the airport, excitedly captioning the moment.

Tiffah has reportedl;y told Diamond that she expects and Iphone and hooverboard for her big day.

Tiffah has shared a video fo her dad hugging her as he brings lots of goodies for her birthday.

The two hold a conversation about Tiffahs birthday gift expectations.

Tiffah turns 7, and it will be interesting to see what mum Zari has in store for her young tot.

Brother Nillan joins the happy moment as Zari is heard laughing in the background recording the video.

"Did you bring me an iphone for my birthday?" Tiffah demands from Diamond as he drops a paper bag full off sweets.

Zari has meanwhile been defending dating men much younger than her.

Her current boyfriend Shaklib is a Uganda who is said to be in his 20's,

Zari insists he is 30 years old and mature for a woman.

Zari told a Ugandan tabloid that

"Everyone who has eyes sees I am a beautiful woman and men always approach me. The younger men are the ones who always come to me and if I am single and we vibe why not date. These younger boys give me peace of mind which I am looking for now."

“I’m just living my life… with my husband, we have no problem. We’ve no time for Facebook rumours.” she added.

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