• Rev Natasha prayed hard for a man before meeting her husband Prophet Stanley Carmel.

• Rev Natasha said her husband's consistency and tenacity was what made her reply.

Lucy Natasha with Prophet Carmel
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Rev Lucy Natasha ignored her now husband prophet Carmel for two good years.

The veteran city preacher Natasha said that she prayed hard for a man before meeting her husband Prophet Stanley Caramel.

The couple told People Daily of their love journey and it is an amazing one, "I wanted to get married when the timing was right, I asked for a prayer partner. God answered my prayers."

Carmel talked about sliding in his now-wife's DM on Instagram and Natasha only responded after two years.

"I came across her videos on Instagram in 2017 where she was preaching about a royal wedding. Her beauty stood out," he said.

"I went online and followed her on Instagram, and in true online fashion, I shoot my shot and sent her a message. Well, she never replied, but for two years, I sent her messages of encouragement, prayers name it."

The Empowerment Christian Church preacher explained that the reason she ignored him was that she receives many DMs every day.

Natasha said the consistency of Prophet Carmel was what made her reply.

"I’m a patient man, and because it is said good things come to those who wait, this is the testimony," he said.

"We met in Dallas, we talked for hours on end. The conversations were natural and the chemistry was effortless. We were vulnerable with each other, but one thing we were sure about was that it was the begging of something beautiful."

Natasha said she took her time to learn about her lover.

She explained that meeting someone online in this era of fraudsters and catfishing is easy. However, it is important to do your due diligence.

"I did my research and because we had mutual friends in the Lord’s vineyard, I was comfortable even to meet up with him," Natasha said.

The couple got engaged in November 2021 at a church event followed by a traditional wedding two months later in January this year.

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