Njugush's wife reveals weird and hilarious pregnancy behaviour

Celestine Ndinda is experiencing the weird symptoms with her second pregnancy

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• Celestine said that she struggled to conceive her 2nd child.

• It was until their son started praying that they conceived.

Njugush with his wife and son
Image: Instagram

Celestine Ndinda's pregnancy has had her doing the most these past few days, from repainting her house, cleaning seats, and washing curtains.  

She teasingly told her online followers that if they needed someone to do some paintwork for them she was more than ready.

"Ogopa mimba aky, I have been repainting our doors, if you need a painter niko hapa."

She continued to say that her next move was on washing all her curtains.

"Still nesting, painted the entire house na nikaosha viti. Curtains nitadrop kwa dobi. I swear ata sijijui aky, is this me?" she wrote in her stories as she showed a short video clip.

It was an encouraging moment for her as other moms shared how they also went through the same façade.

"I used to remove all my curtains too and wash them regularly something I wouldn't normally do," one mum said.

The wife of renowned entertainer, Njugush, blamed the occurrences on her continued stay indoors causing her mind to do the most.

The two will be expecting their second child having sired their firstborn son Tugi, four years ago. In a previous interview, Mama Tugi revealed how they struggled to conceive their second child

"We had thought of having a baby for so long. We kept planning but it was not happening. We have waited for long and God maybe just answered our son's prayers," she said.

She revealed that it was until Tugi started praying on the matter that they were able to conceive.

"Tugi would pray and tell God to put a baby in his stomach since maybe he thought we did not want the baby to be in our stomach. He is so excited about it," she revealed.

The news of their second pregnancy came as a surprise to most, as they concealed the matter till their  3rd comic show, dubbed TTNT 3 (Through Thick and Thin.

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