'Tumiso wants a car for her birthday!' Under pressure Nameless mourns

Nameless daughter turned 16 years today

• Nameless daughter wants a car for her birthday.

• Nameless explained to his daughter that she should not be pressured by what she is seeing on social media.

during the roast of Nameless event
Nameless and wahu during the roast of Nameless event
Image: Moses Mwangi

Singer Nameless has revealed that his daughter Tumiso is asking him to buy her a car for her birthday.

Nameless took to his social media to explain that his daughter that she should not be pressured by what she is seeing on social media.

Nameless explained to her that she could only afford to buy her sneakers. Tumiso is turning 16 years today.

Nameless went ahead to remind her daughter that right now he is working on a tight budget since they are expecting another baby.

"Sweet Sixteen. Birthday gal !💯💯♥️♥️Ati I buy her a car 😳😳.... Kwani ni diapers nitanunua ama ni gari 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ a man can only do so much ... Labda nimbuyie sneakers😁😁👍🏾.. wacheni presha za shosho media, Alaaaaar!!"

Nameless also asked his fans to help him decide on what he should get for his daughter when he comes from his summertime US tour.

"Aunties na Uncles , any advice on what I should get her from America? #SheHasApppreciatedYourBirth."

As part of his birthday message, Nameless had some lovely words to write about his firstborn.

"My firstborn, my mental twin! My princess, my pride and Joy!! You turning 16 today and I just can't keep calm. " he started.

He added that Tumiso had helped him evolve and made him understand purpose like no other.

"I am happy and blessed to witness the lady you're turning out to be... A wise, compassionate and independent spirit! I am excited for your future self! You are a blessed soul," he finished.

Wahu assured her daughter that she would continue protecting her and asked her fans to help her celebrate her daughter.

"Today..that little person turns a full 16 years old!! I'm overjoyed and grateful to God for you @tumi.mathenge my sweetheart.....my tomato...my angel...my sweet love.

God, continue to engulf this young queen with your love. Protect her and give her wisdom and grace to negotiate this life, and continue to guide her into her beautiful purpose.

TUMI, I love you with everything that I am. FAM PLEASE HELP ME WISH @tumi.mathenge A HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY!!!"

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