Bien reveals why husbands cheat

The singer was interviewed on a variety of issues by SPM Buzz

• The tall singer opened up about his opinion on relationship issues during the interview.

• Bien has been increasingly vocal and given some really fascinating takes on his life.

Bien contemplating
Image: Instagram

Bien Aime Sol was a guest this past week on SPM Buzz this past week and opened up on many things, chief among them being his opinion on relationships.

The musician opined that it was impossible to own someone else, saying, "Manze you can not own another human being. I will not lie to you that you will get a man and then you can change him.

Madem, mkiwapa machali wako freedom to be who he wants, he will not even cheat. He will not cheat," he reiterated as the interviewer said that his statement couldn't apply to all men.

But the singer was adamant and even went on to say that the reason husbands were cheating was that they had been put on a leash at their homes.

"Machali hucheat kwa sababu wamewekewa maboundaries mingi kwa keja na umefanyiwa ma P.E like 'apana, ukowapi.' Hizo insecurities of the other person zinabuild some weird energies. Hata wewe unaona apana...

"But if you are given the freedom by your wife, you turn out to be a decent husband," he concluded. 

Some of the people who watched the video agreed with Bien's analysis and said as much in the comments section. 

"Nikama @bienaimesol amesema 😍," omwami_comedian said.

Another poster by the name of lil.mburu also agreed with the entertainer's sentiment writing. "Aki that's true😍🔥"

Bien's opinions in the past few years have been controversial, to say the least. A few weeks ago he was in the news after he revealed that he was thinking of getting a vasectomy in the future.

Many men were horrified to hear his opinion especially when you consider the fact he still doesn't have any biological children of his own that we know of.

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