• Vanessa is grateful her fiancee takes care of bills at home.

• Rotimi makes sure Vanessa does not lack for anything.

Vanessa Mdee with her family
Image: Courtesy

Tanzanian sweetheart Vanessa Mdee was the subject of envy online after revealing fiancé Rotimi is a man that provides for his family.

No one can accuse Vanesaa Mdee of pursuing Rotimi for money. That's because, in their latest video, Nigerian singer Rotimi delightedly tells Vanessa he enjoys her managing their money.

In the video, Vanessa excitedly counts stacks of cash, while Rotimi is in the background cradling their son, Seven. Vanessa asks Rotimi "How was your trip?" He says "It was phenomenal baby."

Vanessa smiles looking at him behind the camera, as she continued counting the money. Vanessa added, "Thank you for everything that you do."

Rotimi has been doing a lot of concerts and racking in the money recently. He doesn't appear to mind her actions, telling us he is a supportive spouse.

Vanessa then continues speaking about the money saying, "Family Accountant 🙏🏽 Grateful." Rotimi responds, "Vee money."

The couple unveiled their nee wellness app earlier this year, where they share their personal lives on the web app where fans get personalized videos. While unveiling it, Vee said,

“We are super excited to bring you our wellness App called – For The Better – we wanna share with you our lives, and experiences, give away merchandise, gifts, concerts, and many more. ...subscribe to keep up with us,”

They have also launched beauty products jointly. Rotimi is also building the couple a sh56million home and Vanessa has shown us the process.

After showing how much Rotimi trusts her with family finances, fans commented how happy they were for Vanessa urging her to share her gains. See comments below:

canabobo_tz VANESSA Mbn hizi hela azilii km zetu 😮 hizo zina kelele km machenjichenji ya kwetu 😂

olympiakimaro Vanessa unaishi wengine wanaishiaaa 😢

ibreathe4them That’s right!! A husband that provides is a God send! 👏🏾❤️🙏🏾

iam_brio Somebody call Diamond Platinumz to see how Money looks like😂

jasmine_stacey3 Must be naaaissss❤️😢

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