• The man lands in a ditch protesting the action.

• Incidences of such nature are widely reported.

Matatu jogoo road
man thrown off matatu Matatu jogoo road

A man was nearly injured after he was thrown off a PSV by a violent matatu crew.

In a video seen by Mpasho,  the matatu draws to a slow halt before two men bundle out a passenger and throw him into a nearby ditch.

The passenger lands inside the partition as he struggles to hold on to the curb. He desperately tries to hold onto the crew, perhaps to ensure he doesn't fall badly. Luckily he doesn't seem injured just shocked.

They tussle before the matatu crew jump onto the vehicle and it speeds away. Social media has reacted in anger, saying the man could have been badly injured.

They are also demanding action be taken action the PSV and the Sacco it is registered under. Watch the video below;

baby__ras Stop rogue drivers and conductors!!

_law_____😂😂😂 Ww una cheza na watu wa kayole

kendellton Aaiii na mtu amelipia mat so sad manzzee aah😢

piqla_jaylinx This is so inhumane juya kumi ama mbao

This is not the first reported incidence. Many others have been highlighted and action taken by Government does not appear to change attitudes.

In 2021, 26-year-old Judy Wanjiku Nyaga succumbed to injuries after she was thrown out of a moving vehicle on the Thika-Nairobi Highway.

According to police, Judy, and one other victim were pushed out of the vehicle after disagreeing over the fare.

The matatu driver allegedly also wanted to run over the victims. Other incidences have had fatal consequences.

And yet again, in june 2022, a schoolgirl was thrown out of a speeding matatu headed to Homabay.

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