• Bishop Carmel gifted Rev Natasha on her birthday two title deeds of land, in Diani and Nanyuki.

• The two have not been shy to publicly display their love despite many 'not approving' 

Lucy Natasha with Prophet Carmel
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Rev Lucy Natasha and her lover Bishop Stanley Carmel have been making headlines after they hopped onto the Nakupenda Tik Tok Challenge.

Nakupenda is a song that has an intriguing vibe to it sung by the melodious Jay Melody, with bars such as, 'Mpenzi we...Roho yangu we...kwako sijiwezi...oh my love.'

Bishop posted and captioned the video, 'Your love is music to my soul.'

The two were looking dapper as they wore white and black matching tracksuits. Allow me to borrow Kinuthia's phrase, 'Aky Mapenzi Wewe!'

Netizens on TikTok had a share of their mixed reactions with some loving the couple's video, while others were unsure whether that was appropriate; 

Purik Reborn: am clapping for you ...and ane day,it'll be me...Amen

Politegal: Pray and slay

Ivyjane770: love is a beautiful thing

User519849692443 : Smart Indeed.May the Lord continue to Bless you More Abundantly.You deserve happiness and the very best Rev.

nicenurse6: money is good....if I catch u money Wacha tu

Bettybee: Aki watu huomba wakiwa wamekaaje nikae pia mm nipate wangu, I admire this walai

The Mikestar's: tutafutie mhindi pia sisi

Cheb254: uyu ndo anajiita Reverend? aki dunia imeisha

Vicky wingstone: I'm sorry Hiii ni sawa kwa watumishi kweli au

Stepcah Boyan: They are also human.Some people's comments though

The lovebirds are at a secret destination which they are terming as baecation/birthday vacation.

Rev. Natasha even urged people to take time out to travel as she wrote, "Take time to travel, money returns but time doesn't."

In celebration of Rev Natasha's birthday, her hubby gifted her two title deeds, of land in Diani and Nanyuki.

Someone teased and said, 'Huyu Carmel anaelewa how to love a Kiuk lady, mambo ya buroti maguta maguta.'

Should we talk of the birthday dinner setup, because breathtaking would be an understatement?

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