Politician impersonates South African actress on campaign posters

Aspiring Kisumu MP impersonates Nigerian actress

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• Mireille implied that she was vying for the member of parliament in Kisumu central constituency via the UDA Ticket

• Part of her manifesto was to provide protection/incentives for sex workers so that they venture into safe businesses.

Mireille Akoth
Kisumu Central aspiring MP Mireille Akoth

Clout chasing has been taken to the next level after aspiring Kisumu Central MP Mireille Akoth posted a campaign flier impersonating a Nigerian actress.

Besides her manifesto she posted a provocative photo making netizens think it was her, only to find out that the photo wasn't of the politician.

The photo she used was from a South African award-winning actress Ntando Duma Mthombeni.

This is what the said Kisumu central Constituency Member of parliament aspirant posted vs. the actual image from the actress;

The real Ntando is below;

Following keenly on Mireille Akoth's social media posts, it is evident that she is one to seek controversy.

Her bio in part read, "Mad Love to all who follow Me and My obviously queer tweets."

Queer as she has said denotes strange or odd. Some netizens took her bait while others swamped the comment section displeased with the subterfuge while others said that they would definitely vote for her.

Let's sample some of the feedback;

@Bagji Lagji Thagji: Please tell me this is a joke, coz at this rate every mad Kenyan will be contesting for public office

@sir-D: The agendas, are they from a sane person?

Mr. Mombasa: Angepeana P2 ya bure juu Huwa inacost sana

Ilongit6: Hata kama Hana manifesto bado nitampigia kuraa

BlackOsotsi: manifesto hata hatuhitajii yeye mwenyewe ni manifesto

Leojonnes: Huyu ana reason kaa class 3 dropout, aendelee tu kutuanikia mapaja 

alphasaraplagat: Wenye walimpitisha nominations watampea kura.

@Maestromarcel254: She's not there to help Kenyan but to provoke Kenyan.

Her manifesto had the following point;

•Table a motion in parliament petitioning the government to subsidize Unga by 100% so that all Kenyans can get free Unga 

•Table a motion in Parliament petitioning the government to provide protection/incentives for sex workers, so that they venture into safe businesses.

•Issue bursaries to all students without them having to go through the trouble of applying for them. All students will be entitled to a bursary. 

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