• His song we kamu is in a video without Nonini's permission

• Nonini argued about his intellectual property rigths

singer Nonini warns over copyright infringment
Nonini smiles singer Nonini warns over copyright infringment

Mgenge true artiste Nonini has threatened to sue Syinix electronics for using his song without permission.

Nonini took to his social media to warn the brand and urge it to remove the clip until the right procedure is followed.

Nonini wrote;

"Syinix Electronics decided to do a very brilliant advert using my song WeKamu. The only problem is they didn't ask for permission."

The Godfather of genge added,

"A synchronization license is required no matter how small a portion of the song you use especially for commercial purposes. If a song is synced on a video you will need to pay the composer of the song no matter how small the portion of the composition is used."

He then detailed how copyright is supposed to work in a wordy and lengthy post. It is below;

"Music rightsholders know how to defend their rights, and not having a sync license puts your company at risk. The music industry earns its revenue from copyrights and so music rights holders please take legal action against any form of infringement. Step no 1:"

"1. Make the infringing party aware that they have infringed your rights through an initial Demand Letter. Give them the right to respond sometimes it's someone who is ignorant who had no idea what they were doing."

"2. When they respond to your letter as per the second letter I have posted they know very well they are in the wrong but they will not admit it. At this point, they have the option to discuss the matter or thump chest to test you it's called (Uta do Nini mentality)."

"3. You reply to the response with the have to admit they were in the wrong then we can open up discussions to settle out of court. Come to an amicable solution. Sometimes they ignore And that point you have no option than to file a case in Court."

"NB: All the above come with cost implications but ukijipanga tu Kiasi eventually it will pay off. Copyright shall be Respected. End of class!"

His warning has won him supoort of music fans. Read comments below:

@simeonominde...That kid doesn't appreciate the fact that We Kamu by Nonini was released almost two decades ago. 19 years to be exact, and the Tiktok app he is driding is only bt 6 years. 19 year that song still has relevance, more relevance than his opinion. Respect peoples work, smh.

@JoashnjugunaSauti Sol defended their intellectual property against a political party and they were bashed onlineNonini defends his IP against a phone shop and suddenly everyone is on his sideThe moral is yall think politicians are above the law and that’s why they never stop exploiting you

@_OngiriRN...Nonini is right,respect other people's arts .

@HoneyfarsafiIt's refreshing to see people defending nonini. Him and Juakali carried Kenyan genge music on their backs🔥

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