• Nana Owiti went to support King Kaka in the Kamtupe film launch in a beautiful red carpet event.

• She clapped back at a fan that was trying to dull her sparkle about her red carpet dress

Kenyan hip-hop artist King Kaka  announced his entry into filmmaking with the release of his debut movie "Kamtupe".

The film which was written and directed by King Kaka premiered at the Anga Sky Cinema in Nairobi on 22nd July.

His wife Nana Owiti was there to support her hubby with a shiny off-white strapless dress, with a flap detail that firmly stood from the waist up several inches above her left shoulder.

A picture she posted on her Instagram page standing beside her hubby during the launch, received sweet compliments in her comment section about her outfit.

Wanjiku Stephens(actress Vanessa Hausa on the Maria Series on Citizen TV) could be stirring up beef with King Kaka's wife in what looks like she might be making fun of Nana's dress.

She went on to compare the same dress with another celebrity stylist (based in Lagos, Nigeria) who apparently wore a dress that resembled that of Nana.

On the photo, she wrote "What she ordered vs what she got," on a text sticker that she covered Nana Owiti's face with. She also wrote "I am tired please," where she also tagged the Nigerian celebrity stylist.

Nana herself clapped back at a fan that was trying to dull her sparkle and told her that her dress was not giving.

Nana Owiti did not take it lightly as she responded to the troll who seemed to be using a pseudo account telling him/her that nevertheless, it took away their peace.

While on the other hand, King Kaka was proud of his wife that she posted the same photo with a caption that read "When your best friend supports you, when your best friend kills it at the Red Carpet."

"Kwani hio outfit ni ya hide and seek, you guys are just amazing. Looking good," one fan replied to Kaka's post.

With which Kaka responded "unachoma."

"Huyo designer apewe bonus, whoever did the designing manze ameweza wapi tag yake mkubwa?" another one commented.

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