4 musicians using deep sheng to reach gospel audiences

Gospel artists in the Kenyan scenes, mostly, release their sounds in Kiswahili and a slight percentage in English

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• Secular music is the most released sound in the ghetto.

• Few gospel artists have chosen to dive deep to reach out to these people through their music

Dj Ruff
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Gospel artists in the Kenyan scenes, mostly, release their sounds in Kiswahili and a slight percentage in English.

These four artists, use slang to reach the younger generation who are primarily their target audience through their craft.

It is said that if the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain.

Those artists are below;

1. Timam Evans

First, if you don’t know this guy you are missing out. To bring you up to speed, he has released songs like;

Kamagera (which signifies desperation) and Washa Nare (which is a slang term for lighting up a cigarette but he coins it as a prayer that God would light the fire in our hearts so that we do not get tired of serving).

Timam defines his music as street worship.

His former life as an addict and a rogue, allows him to provide solutions and ‘fit in’ while sharing the gospel to his ghetto audience.

2. DJ Ruff

DJ Ruff has been active in the Kenyan Gospel scene since the year 2010 and is no stranger to most.

He has taken it a notch higher, where he has a sheng bible study on his YouTube channel covering topics such as who is Rastafari and more interesting topics you have been wanting to know.  

Dj Ruff has produced songs like 'chorea' and 'chuna' which have done impeccably well

He has worked on multiple radio and television stations including ghetto radio.

3. Eko Dydda

Eko Dydda is an established Kenyan gospel musician whose star continues to shine.

The talented gospel rapper got into the gospel industry with a unique style that took the country by storm.

 His lyrics do not only inspire through their message, but the rhyme in his songs also makes them interesting to listen to.

Eko has produced music in this genre such as; 'ghetto' and 'Jah Love'

4. Manasseh Shalom

Join us tonight as we approach God's throne in praise & thanksgiving with the Stories and Songs team sessions.

Manasseh came to our knowledge, at least for most, through the 'stories and songs' platform.

In case you missed it, worry no more because... I gatchu.

'Stories and songs' is a group of young passionate people for Christ, who previously held live sessions on their YouTube channel where they would do a cocktail as the name suggests, of songs and stories. 

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