• Tanzanian singer has announced the passing on of his dad.

• Ben Pol shared a photo of him with his dad expressing that he was heartbroken by the loss.

Ben Pol
Tanzanian RnB star Ben Pol

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol is mourning the passing on of his dad. Ben Pol shared a photo of him with his dad expressing that he was heartbroken by the loss.

He only described his dad as a strong man while paying tribute. He wrote;

"RIP Strongman #DAD 💔🙏🏾."

It is not yet clear what was the cause of the death of Ben Pol's dad as he did not reveal too many details. His fans have encouraged him with some kind messages after the post.

monalisatz: Pole sana rafiki yangu,Mungu akutie nguvu katika kipindi hiki kigumu. May his soul rest in peace,Amen.

daddyowen: Poleni sana kaka, Mungu awatie nguvu katika hiki kipindi kigumu.

kajalafrida: Pole sana

ommydimpoz: Sorry Bro

antoneosoul: So sorry for your loss best friend ❤️❤️❤️❤️ pole sana

ecejay: Ben, Pole sana Ndugu yangu. Allah akufanyie wewe na Familia yako wepesi kwenye kipindi hiki kigumu. Sending you a hug.

goodluckgozbert: Mungu Akutie Nguvu Katika Kipindi Hiki My Brother, Pole Sana.

This sad news come a few weeks after Ben Pol professed his undying love for Kenyan women despite having had a short-lasting marriage with one. 

Ben Pol said the reason he loves Kenyan women is that they are hardworking.

"Napenda wanawake wa Kenya kwasababu sisi wabongo tuko slow kidogo.(I love Kenyan women because our Bongo women are a bit slow. Wanawake wa Kenya ni sharp sharp (Kenyan women are sharp)," he said.

Ben Pol who was on a Kenyan tour also professed his love for the country adding that he has adopted a Kenyan name.

"Mimi ni Mkenya, naitwa Kamau."

Ben Pol was living in Kenya most of the time when he was married to Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai.

The two started dating in 2018 and held their wedding in 2020 only to part ways months later. Ben Pol said Anerlisa was one of his greatest cheerleaders.

He featured Anerlisa in two of his music videos as a vixen. Ben however could not point out the exact reason for their fallout.

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