TikToker Aq9ine changes tune on eating spider

Aqu9ine asked fans not to believe everything they see online.

• Aq9ine said he had eaten a spider out of anxiety.

• Aq9ine put his life in danger after his experiment allegedly eating spiders went badly for him.

Tiktoker Aqu9ine
Tiktoker Aqu9ine
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TikToker and food blogger Aqu9ine has changed tunes over his viral video with a swollen face after allegedly eating a spider.

According to the controversial content creator, he was 'tensed' when he posted the terrifying video.

"I told you not to believe everything you see on social media. I don't eat a spider. How can you eat a spider? Spider has unique body parts how can you eat such a thing?" he said in an interview with Nicholas Kioko.

Aqu9ine said he had eaten a spider out of anxiety.

"I was bitten by a spider on this hand. You can't imagine how I was feeling at that time. Have you ever felt like scratching your two body parts at once?" he said.

"Every part of my body was swollen like my face. I didn't eat a spider. I came to realise later that I had said I ate a spider while getting treatment. When I revisited the video I realised I had said I ate a spider."

Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke,  Aq9ine asked fans not to believe everything they see online.

"Not everything we post online is the truth," he said.

"I have received over 600 messages on Instagram, with people insulting me and others wishing me death. People are typing RIP on my TikTok. I had to switch off my phone for the better part of the weekend to be able to work."

On Twitter, a fan identified as Lil_Aziiz said, "We are sadly grieving the death of the death of the Kenyan Spiderman. My condolences to the family of pitapaka. Not everything you see online is true. Everyone is chasing views and likes."

According to his post, after the spider meal, his body temperature rose to 46°C and his body was swollen.

Aq9ine said he does not involve them in his content creation. He vowed to continue entertaining his fans with his controversial content.

He previously suffered serious health issues after he cooked and ate bat meat.

"It's your problem but I am okay and at work."

Aq9ine is an engineer by profession and is currently doing plumbing jobs in Meru county.

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