• City Preacher Rev Lucy Natasha hubby has reminisced how he kick-started a conversation with Natasha.

• Carmel described Natasha is an answered prayer and an amazing anchor in their family.

Prophet Carmel with Rev Natasha
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City preacher Rev Lucy Natasha has turned a year old today.

Her hubby Prophet Stanley Carmel, shared a heartwarming message to her expressing his love for her.

Prophet Carmel recounted of the day he first saw her thanking God for her.

According to Carmel, Natasha is an answered prayer and an amazing anchor in their family.

"Join me in wishing a Happy Birthday to my Queen.

Rev Lucy Natasha On this birthday of yours my thoughts are traveling back to the first day I saw you.

Delight filled my soul, warmth swelled my heart, and I am sure my face become the picture of amazement!!

You are an answered prayer to me. My dear Queen Natasha Carmel!!

YOU ARE AMAZING You are amazing as a prudent wife to me,You are amazing as a doting mother to ECC Global," he wrote.

Natasha declared that she said 'yes' to Carmel in November last year.

Natasha added;

"You are amazing as a faithful warrior, you are amazing as a protective friend, you are amazing an anchor to our family.

You are amazing as a fountain of grace, wisdom and strength, you are amazing as an epitome of love and humility.

You are amazing as a passionate revivalist and soul winner.

You are amazing as a game changer and trailblazer, I could go on and on in the litany of your many sterling virtues. Happy Birthday my Katato Hodari."

Lucy Natasha met Carmel after he slid in her DM.

Prophet Carmel himself explained that he first saw Rev. Natasha in a video while he was on assignment and which immediately drew him to her.

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