Mishi Dora suffered insomnia before court date

Mishi Dora, real name Diana Clara Ojenge, was charged at the Kibera Law Courts

• Mishi is accused of failing to pay sh150k to Golden Ice Bistro.

• She was in jail for a month.

in a past interview
Mishi Dora in a past interview
Image: Mpasho

Mishi Dora was back in court days after finally securing her freedom. The controversial socialite made her way this morning back to court, three days after being released.

(This past Monday, Mishi had made a comeback on Instagram to let fans know she was finally free. However, her headache did not end there. It turns out she had a date with the courts Friday, July 22d)

Mishi once again took to her Instagram to inform KOT that she was suffering from insomnia. Mishi captioned her difficult moment "Can't sleep..insomnia...early morning court.."

The former Nairobi Diaries star was arrested, detained and later released for allegedly refusing to pay a bar bill of over KES 152,000 at Golden Ice Bistro along Mombasa Road a month ago.

Mishi Dora hosted her friends at a fancy party to celebrate the release of a film she was cast.

The actress told the management that her ATM had issues and requested them to take her to her home to pick up cash.

After this, Mishi asked for time to sort out the ATM issue but did not pay within the agreed period.

Mishi was unable to raise her bail and stayed as a guest of the state for a month. Even her co-stars on Nairobi Diaries were unwilling to help her raise bail, telling her to carry her cross.

Frenemy Risper Faith outright said no way. The mother of one shared the song, ‘Kila Mtu Atauchukua Mzigo Wake Mwenyewe‘ when one of her fans asked if she would bail Mishi out of jail.

Pendo appeared more willing and urged her followers to donate. Pendo did not say how much she was giving only saying 'free Mishi' in a hashtag.

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