• He says that God is the only one that gets to decide one's fate, regardless of the background.

• Research and having great conversations are some of the tools that have helped his wisdom grow.

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Lemmy, popularly known for the well-received kid's show Machachari, says that no one but God gets to decide one's fate.

The talented actor in an interview stated that he was brought up in Imara, where he describes the environment as difficult.

On the daily rubbing shoulders with thieves, drunkards, scoundrel matatu drivers, and conductors. 

"Though I had very caring parents the environment I grew up in was bad. I was mingling with drunkards on a daily, thieves, rogue matatu drivers, and conductors,  I was even once in my life as you know a 'Kamagera'," he explained with much fervency.

Having been brought up in such a domain, he had a few words for the talented Ghetto Youth.

"Kama wewe ni ghetto youth na uko na talent, acha nikushow, si wewe huwa unaamua siku yako, (If you are a ghetto youth and you are talented, let me tell you, it is not up to you to decide your day)," Lemmy started on a high.

"God ndio huwa anaamua, na acha nikuambie,  day God anakulocate, yeye hufungua milango mpaka unapata usiku unalia juu kesho unapata uko na jobs tatu zinacrush."

(It is on God. The day he locates you, he opens doors that you find yourself crying at night because you have three job opportunities that are crushing)," he said.

Interactions with the 22year old will be a no-brainer to pick up that he is one with wisdom. 

"I research a lot, I am a Sapio. I also enjoy conversations which is the greatest gift that God gave to humanity," Lemmy explained.

He refuses to give glory to any man other than God for his 17 years of working in the acting field. 

"Mimi ni msee spiritual sana by the way, the fact that right now you are still watching me can't be because I am the best actor or because my mum gave me an opportunity."

The actor brought it to an end as he urged people to never take no as the end of the road.

If it means crying, cry but make sure getting up is the next step. "Remember you have a life to live and you have a purpose," he summarized. 

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