• Harmonize has assured his fans that there is a wedding coming soon.

• Harmonize said praised Kajala for being the best thing to ever happen in his life on her birthday.

in the past
Harmonize with Kajala in the past
Image: Instagram

Bongo superstar Harmonize has revealed he is planning for his grand wedding with his manager and lover Kajala.

Kajala, turned 39 years today and as part of his birthday message, Harmonize said praised her for being the best thing to ever happen in his life.

Harmonize penned a heartwarming message celebrating his woman for being his support system. He announced he is planning for his wedding.

"To Marry You is a dream and we are almost there inshallah. To make You my manager it shows you how much trust I have in you," he wrote.

Harmonize added;

"You are very important in my life and despite the opposition from some of my fans, that you could not stand by me, you have proved that you can handle this tough assignment. YES, YOU CAN."

Two weeks ago, Kajala said her love with Bongo star Harmonize has not been highly criticized.

The two got engaged last month after she forgave the singer for disrespecting her one year ago. In a recent post, Kajala restated that she will not stop loving Harmonize.

Kajala shared on her Instagram that the reason she loves Harmonize is that the whole world is against them.

Here is what she wrote;

"I love him because the entire world is against u," she wrote to which Harmonize responded;

"As long as God is with us that’s all that matters."

On his birthday message, Harmonize stated that Kajala has already made it known that she can make him proud through her actions.

"I have already seen you can make me proud and you do not have to prove that to anyone. I believe in you totally. You are the beautiful and smart woman I have ever seen you made me shine again. I will love and respect all women because of you."

On engagement day, Harmonize gave Kajala a blue diamond ring coated in white gold.

Kajala thanked God for the opportunity and acknowledged that they have gone through ups and downs.

"Everyone knows what we have gone through. I am not righteous and that's why I forgave him. We leave the past and focus on the future. I will love you today, tomorrow, and forever."

Harmonize wedding will be the second celebrity wedding in Tanzania this year after singer Nandy married fellow artiste Billnass last weekend."

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