Nviiri's ex-lover selling her pets before she relocates

Elodie Zone selling her dog and her cat

• Elodie has put up her favorite pets; her puppy Maxi and her cat Lofi on sale.

• Elodie has announced she will be relocating from Kenya a few months from now.

Elodie Zone
Elodie Zone
Image: Instagram

Mental health advocate and Digital marketing strategist Elodie Zone has announced she will be relocating from Kenya a few months from now.

Ahead of that, Elodie has put up her favourite pets; her puppy Maxi and her cat Lofi on sale.

Elodie said the reason she is relocating is that she has found some job opportunities abroad and she is not allowed to travel with her pets.

"I will be leaving Kenya in a few months. Though it saddened me that I am going to sell my puppy Maxi and cat," she wrote asking her any interested fans to look out for the details about her pets.

"Lofi is three years old male, updated jabs will come with vet books and a crate. Super chill and has never bitten or attacked anyone. Also, potty trained and selling at sh10K.

Elodie also shared a photo of her dog saying she will be selling it at Sh40K.

"Maxi is turning five months in two weeks male. Toilet trained, knows how to sit, stay, down and to fetch. Comes with vet book, his favourite toys and blankets.

Here are other facts to know about Elodie that she has spoken about in the past.

1. Lives in Nairobi though her entire family is in Europe.

2. She started YouTube because she didn’t have any friends and needed someone to talk to.

3. Loves vanilla dairy fresh and lemon ice tea.

4. Doesn’t have any siblings #onlychild

5. Moved out of home at age 17, joined the university last year.

6. Favorite series is American Horror Story.

7. Growing up she has always struggled with my weight so she can be a bit of a health freak.

8. Has 2 tattoos. One is a semicolon on my wrist and one is a wave on the side of my rib cage

9. Has played the guitar since I was 7, and taught myself the piano when I was 14.

10. Some of her friends call me El, Elo, and Zone

11. I won Braeburn Garden Estate their first 2 medals in swimming and first track and field medal for triple jump in history when I was in year 8.

12. Elodie got into a fight at the Village Market when she was 15 because a girl dissed her nail polish colour.

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