• Sandra Dacha says she always helps out because she knows everyone is a disease away from poverty.

  • Just recently, she helped Akuku raise over Sh800,000, adding to the Sh3.8M Kenyans had previously donated earlier on.


is a celebrated actress
Sandra Dacha is a celebrated actress
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Celebrated actress, Sandra Dacha is well known for her selfless and benevolent nature.

When he lover, Akuku Danger was in and out of hospital and requiring large amount of money in hospital bills, Dacha single-handedly led the funds drive multiple times which saw the funny man released from hospital.

Just recently, she helped Akuku raise over Sh800,000, adding to the Sh3.8M Kenyans had previously donated earlier on.

But what really motivates her to support her friends and especially her colleagues in need?

Taking to her Instagram, Dacha said she does that because she has come to learn that even those with deep pockets are just 'a major sickness away from poverty.'

She wrote, "These leave even the most promising of bank accounts shattered!! I believe and no one would understand this until adversity knocks on their doors, regardless of their financial status, broke or wealthy," 

She added, I pray for good health of those around me, of all of us, you too and I so we don't find ourselves getting back to people with Paybills especially in an economy that is already limping.Once again I take this opportunity to thank those who have always heeded to my calls to support my friends and colleagues. Asanteni sana na Mungu awabariki. May your cups overflow."

She prayed that all her fans and those who support her to always have good health and that they may never lack.

Speaking recently in an interview, Dacha was asked how she deals with trolls to which she said she chooses to ignore them unless she is in a mood to tackle them.

“When you answer them they say you are proud forgetting that they are the ones who provoked you.When you show them the reality they start saying your money will vanish someday.” Sandra said.

The seasoned actress said that a few years back she was subjected to some bad trolls and were it not to her self motivation she doesn’t know where she would have been.

Sandra says she developed her confidence from a very young age when people used to laugh at her big size and hence why she remains unshaken by those who try to get at her.

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