Docta Eddie

Award winning video director Docta Eddie has opened up on the misfortunes that dogged his life.

The popular producer and music video producer detailed how bad lick dogged his life from having a number of freak accidents to his wife leaving him.

In a social media post he wrote, "In 2016, I was involved in an accident along Uhuru Highway just after the Otile Brown and Baraka the Prince video shoot."

Docta Eddie narrated how that was the beginning of his downward spiral.

"Little did I know, that would be the beginning of a series of misfortunes to befall me... Soon after, my wife of 7 years decided she had just had enough of me and left, while at the same time breezy took flight too..."

He added, "Not long after that, I fell from the fourth floor under very weird circumstances, and shattered my bones, didn't walk for almost 2 years without aid."

Docta Eddie

He explained, "In this period, together with Jeff we lost all our corporate deals, and regional jobs especially from Tanzania... I was down, out, beat, broke and almost gave up and went back to Kakamega."

His redemption however was not far off.

"Thanks to my covenant brethren Ole Willy Mkristo ashur, Jeff, Edel Kweyu, Maryanne Imani and many others who kept my head high up despite the circumstances here I rise again from the ashes to shine bright again."

Doctor Eddie encouraged all those who feel down and out and have been beaten to a pulp by life.

"Well this is just to tell you who feels like you have reached your end, it is never over until you yourself says I'm done."

He served some soothing, pain alleviating motivation.

"Condition your mind body and soul and tackle your problems head on and believe you me God will reward your effort."

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