• Celebs who've openly admitted to cosmetic surgery are: Vera, Huddah, Risper Faith.

• Celebs rumoured to have had plastic surgery but never admitted is Tanasha Donna.

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Sharon Mundia has waded into the topic of whether celebrities should openly disclose if they have undergone plastic surgery.

In a hotly debated poll on her Instagram stories, Sharon also gave her opinion saying it isn't necessary.

"I don't think they have to. It ultimately boils down to self-awareness."

content creator Sharon Mundia
Thuis is Ess opinion poll content creator Sharon Mundia

Celebrities who've publicly admitted to having some form of cosmetic surgery include; Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe, and Risper Faith among others.

Those who have never admitted it but all point to some form of work include Tanasha Donna, who was outed by Risper Faith.

Sharon started out by saying;

"Here are my two cents about it. At first, I thought yes, then because and I think especially if they are a part of a team that's kind of setting the standards for that industry then you should share if you've had work done."


"Kinda like if I come on here and I'm selling skincare and I have filters that make my skin flawless then there's something on my skin, but then I thought if you go that route it will never end, we will expect."

The content creator further added,

"I should say that there is something on my skin. but then I thought well if we go that route it will never end we will expect them to share everything so we have them validating everything in their life," added Sharon.

But there's also a plethora of stars who dodge or outright deny that they've had work done, despite seemingly drastic and overnight transformations

"And then I thought the real issue here is when we see that image or that video or whatever of that celebrity we feel a certain way and so that's why we like you should have told us because you make that image made us feel like we aren't good enough, rich enough because that's what social media is about."

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