Dennis Ombachi's video throwing his son into swimming pool goes viral

Dennis Ombachi bashed for the swimming lesson he delivered to his son

• Dennis Ombachi is married to Svetlana Polikarpova.

• Ombachi's wife is a Digital marketer, founder, and director of Network Tandem, and also a Zumba instructor.

throws his son into a swimming pool during training
Rugby player Dennis Ombachi throws his son into a swimming pool during training
Image: Twitter

Rugby player Dennis Ombachi has left people talking after a video of him throwing his son into a pool went viral.

The self-taught chef was seen showing off his son's swimming skills. Sharing the video on his Twitter account, Ombachi captioned;

"4 weeks since we started water safety classes and my son graduated today, officially WATER SAFE!  Last class, he gets to go in with 4 layers of clothing including two diapers, more than doubling his weight in water. Proud father."

Also graduating was Ombachi's daughter who is 9 months old.

"Graduating as well is our 8-month-old daughter, officially the only one who can’t swim in here."

Check out some of the comments below;

@jo3karanja: It's not the kid getting into the water with clothes for me. It's Ombachi having his clothes on as he does it.

Clear confidence in the child that he got this. (From Lifeguard experience, this is to see how the kid will handle the situation if s(he) falls in the pool in clothes).

@DoItBetty: Ombachi tossing his toddler into the water fully clothed has everyone HEATED. But you fools don't realize little kids fall into pools and ponds all the time and drown? 10/10 good parenting!

Some of you come here OFTEN to talk about how you will beat your imaginary kids, but when Ombachi tosses his kid into a pool for water safety training, you act like you are going to be better parents. Psychos.

@AlinurMohamed: Just like this guy on this Video, I can authoritatively say that Dennis Ombachi is mentally ill and unfit to raise those children.

 @am_ijosh: Siwezi tweet about Ombachi's kid na Mimi I can't even float on water. That's a real and important skill.

@Edmondoyaro1: You guys are making noise about Ombachi yet y'all can't take a shower with this cold let alone swim.

@kijomba1: There are things I used to say or opine when I never had kids, msee, zaa, you'll come to realize, it was out of ignorance. How Ombachi raises his, is one form of parenting, you can have yours too..., haina style, all we aspire to offer the BEST.

What do you think of the video? Is that the right way to teach swimming lessons to a toddler?

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