Shindwe! Tanasha Donna slams haters praying for her downfall

Tanasha Donna has turned 27 years old with a clear message

•The Kenyan songstress told haters in a powerful message about her downfall

•Tanasha has a new song dubbed Maradonna

Kenyan songstress Tanasha Donna has turned 27
Tanasha Donna poses for birthday Kenyan songstress Tanasha Donna has turned 27

Kenyan songstress Tanasha Donna has released a new song Maradonna in which she addressees haters.

Tanasha turned 27 years old on Thursday July, 2022, and is currently in Dubai for her big dy.

While there, Tanasha told fans to look forward to a new sing 'Maradonna'.

The song has premiered on youtube, and fans are giving her message the thumbs up.

Tanasha sings

Mara Donna this, Mara Donna that

I thank God for my friends, they got my back.

I f you think I'm done sit back and relax.

I'm too blessed to be stressed baby

Say all you want I'm not fazed.

You ain't feeding me or my baby.

Praying on my downfall. You can never see me fall.

If God says yes, who are you to say no?

Kila mtu na wakakti yake FACCTS

If you really want to ride for me just let me be

too much energy wasted

hunipendi ama hujiamini?

If you're intentions are not real with me, don't waste your time with me.

Keep praying on my downfall, you can never see me fall. Jah you're blessings they cover me. all night long they cover me.

Her cute baby Naseeb Junior makes a cameo appearance in the video, where Tanasha is dressed in an all black gown and he wears all white. The two walk across a garden and Tanasha turns to look down at him. He smile up at his mum in a cute moment.

Tanasha has faced numerous rumors about her career being dead, and dating rumors.

She is fighting back at always being on the spotlight.

On her Instagram, the mother of Diamond Platnumz' son Naseeb captioned a picture

"MARADONNA official video drops TOMORROW & on all digital platforms! Subscribe to my youtube channel. This one’s for the culture."

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