Selina actress Irene Njuguna-Most shows don't want you to mention Jesus

Irene Njuguna was a contestant in MNET Idols, TPF and the Presenter

• Irene opened up about taking part in the filming and expectations

• The former actress also advised those interested in auditioning for such shows

Former actress of the Selina show Irenne has spoken about auditioning
Former Selina actress Irenne Njguna looks on Former actress of the Selina show Irenne has spoken about auditioning

Irene Njuguna aka Maggie from the Maisha Magic reality TV show Selina, has opened up about not being happy with some of the things contestants were expected to do to make the shows exciting.

She said that a lot of those things went against her Christian background and who she is as a person.

"I was brought to these shows because I could sing, but my character, for example, I got to the finale of MNET Idols. I am a Christian. Most shows don't want you to mention Jesus so that didn't augur well with me I also did not have what they wanted."

She said she felt let down because talent was overlooked in favour of those who chose fame in the recording of the music shows.

"There was a girl called Cynthia. She could not sing to save her life, however, she understood the assignment, to entertain people. Wueh hands down she was hot you know...I really thank God for the experience, but I understand this is showbiz. Then there was the Presenter, it was really good. I feel showbiz is showbiz."

She added that winners were not known for their songs but rather the antics they did during the shows

"Showbiz is not oh my God I am a decent girl; It shows us your bosom and unfortunately people who do these reality shows are where they are now... On a show like Tusker Project Fame, there was no way I would be representing Jesus. I go to TPF, the second round and I noticed there was something they were looking for. Because if it was singing for sure I could I sing my heart out, but there's something they were looking for I got to understand there."

Irene added;

"There was a lot happening behind the scenes and what you saw on the show is nothing compared to what I saw. Kama wewe ni wa jesus that is not for you and that there were lines which I could not cross."

She concluded that contestants shouldn't live in a facade as ultimately they have free will and autonomy bout getting onto those shows.

"I cannot say the production crew doesn't tell people. No. Showbiz is showbiz. Everything you see in showbiz is intentional so once as an individual I go for an audition, I should know what I'm getting myself into. I cannot say that the production crew fails us. Nasema those of us who audition should know what we are getting into. We need to know what we are getting into. Ask yourself what you are getting yourself into."

She also didn't want to become controversial because she was thinking about her future. She explained the thought of her ratchet behavior being on the internet and her future children seeing that put her off.

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