• On her birthday, Michele gushed about the person in her life.

• Chipmurk is alleged to be the new person in her life.

Michelle Ntalami on her birthday
Michelle Ntalami on her birthday
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Marini Natural CEO Michelle Ntalami has thrown major shade at an ex who cheated on her. In a QnA on Wednesday, July 6, Michelle was asked by fans how she feels about that lover who played her?

"Do you still feel bad that they with all those women and do you ever want to revenge?"

Michelle responded, "Bees don't waste their time explaining to flies that honey is better than faeces." When Michelle and her bae split, she claimed that there was cheating involved.

Michelle also admitted she hasn't been the luckiest in love but is willing to give it a chance, even getting married and starting a family. 

"I know my time is coming. Rather I choose to believe so. Kids, yes definitely."

Has she moved on from her previous relationship?

"Everyone wondering whether we still talk. No, we don't. About moving on, yes I have."

Does she feel ready to date? "I do. But not from/in Nairobi. Kanairo will show you things my fren."

Michelle on her birthday on June 23rd showed off someone who many thought might be her new bae with that person being Chipmunk Mario.

The Marini Naturals CEO and Mario flooded their Insta stories with short videos of them riding together in a car and being cosy with each other. They both looked all glammed up.

They both expressed their love for each other. Chipmunk was even seen holding Michelle's hand and pecking her when she turned the camera towards her.

"I feel loved again," read Michelle's caption complete with a love heart emojis.

On Chipmunk's Insta, she wrote;

"Happy birthday baby #thirtyATE To love, happiness, healing, and your new year @michelle.ntalami."

In yesterday's QnA Michelle was also asked what qualities she looks for in a man? She said,

"Lol. yall already know this coz I always answer the question. Hamjashika bado? for the gents out there in no particular order;

1. Height that is taller than me.  My only physical trait if we are talking top 5.

2. Kindness/a good heart.

3. Honor/fun/a happy spirit /just make me laugh.

4. Loyalty and honesty, not just fidelity-wise but even in commitment to our growth as a couple.

5. Intelligence /A Boss/mover and shaker in their own way. As I said power couple things.

6. God fearing is a must stop planning to come at me with that."

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