Azziad speaks about alleged beef with Moya David

Titkotker Azziad says cyberbullying about her age shocks her

• Azziad opened up about David Moya overtaking her and being the most followed TikToker.

• Azziad also addressed beef rumours between the two.

Azziad Nasenya
Image: Instagram

Azziad has been dubbed the Queen of Tiktok and amassed a huge following among Kenyans. But now some other Kenyans have been able to dethrone her something she spoke about recently on her I.G stories.

"It's amazing and im so happy to see new talents coming from Tiktok, and the fact that right now people take Tiktok seriously and it's true," she started.

"When my video went viral is what sparked video downloads in Kenya that made others join Tiktok, and I remember the first weeks people would say I can never join Tiktok ni ya utoto oh ni ya umama.

I'm like nowadays I look at them and (laughing pointing at her phone) look at you. So it's just amazing to see a lot of people create content, watu waendelee."

What about the public opinion that she no longer dominates Tiktok, and others are now getting a bigger following than her? Did it bother her?

"It's never about competition and that's where people go wrong. And if you've noticed if you ask Moya (David) he is not gonna look at it from a competition angle.

If you ask me I mean I'm way above that I can't look at it from the competition angle. We are different human beings, he has a different audience I have a different audience.

We do different things, our contents are different, and you'll actually find that some of the audiences always want to spike up competition between creators, yet as content creators, we do not think about that. Personally, I never compare myself with anyone I am a blueprint." 

Is there any beef between Azziad and David Moya?

"OK, I have never heard that. Personally, I'm always on social media to do my thing ok sijasikia kuna beef. Tiktok is not mine to be upset that his following has overtaken mine. 

She added,

"I am so happy for him, in fact, I hope he gets to 10 mil (kwanza apite 10mil) Again it's never about competition, I joined Tiktok because I was happy, it's bringing money, it makes it they gel together - happiness and money. And it's never about competition."

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