• Celestine is on extended maternity leave.

• The actress has not disclosed when she will return to our screens.

in a file photo
Celestine Gachuhi a.k.a Selina in a file photo
Image: Instagram

Former Selina actress Celestine Gachuhi is yet to announce to her adoring fans when she will make a comeback to acting. The last time we saw her on tv was in the finale of the TV series Selina.

At the time, Celestine faced allegations that she was hiding her pregnancy and much later, she did come out to confirm the rumours.

Since then fans have been eager to know if she really was pregnant during the show. Celestine told a fan that yes, she was really expecting then.

In a recent intense QnA with fans online, the actress was asked about cheating in relationships. "Can you cheat?" one fan question read.

Celestine responded, "Aiie as far as I know and I'm concerned, no uhuh no, no sijapewa reason ya kucheat so no."

She thought further thought about it and shook her head adding, "No I wouldn't want to cheat at all I don't wanna, so no."

Another fan asked something similar, "Can you forgive a cheating boyfriend?" Celestine replied,

 "Ai uh, No. I don't know if I can forgive or not. I think these are some of the things you can only decide if you are in that situation. Personally, I don't know sijui naweza fanya nini, so sijui."

The 26-year-old actress is home taking care of her newborn daughter.

She and fiancé Phil Kimemia welcomed their baby in May. They are yet to share the name of the child or the face.

Explaining to a curious fan her decision not to expose her daughter's face, Celestine said,

"Uhmm we will see about that lakini she looks like me and also looks like Phil. Ebu mix the two faces *laughing* and then you can figure out anakaa aje. but mostly she looks like me."

The cute couple made their pregnancy reveal on February 14th, Celestine thanked Phil for making her a mother. "Even miracles take a little while. Thank you Mubabaz," she captioned the beautiful photos. 

Phil himself was also ecstatic saying,

"Today being Valentine's Day, I choose to celebrate you. You are a strong woman, a beautiful woman, a loving, supportive, kind, and caring partner. It has been a beautiful journey, and I’m loving every part of it! This is a new page and suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."

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