• Corazon Kwamboka has embraced her body after she gave birth to her two children.

• Corazon has revealed being insecure about her fat upper public area (Fupa).

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Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has opened up about her insecurities. In a post on her Instagram platform, the mother of two shared her photos talking about her fat upper pubic area (Fupa).

The digital content creator is currently in Madagascar and has been documenting her moves in the foreign country.

She wrote that she has since embraced her body after she gave birth to her two children. Corazon encouraged her fans to also embrace their bodies.

"I can’t believe I used to be insecure about this beautiful Fupa. When 2 babies came from this hot sexiness!!! Embrace that fupa, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, all bodies are sexy as long as you carry it with confidence."

A few years ago, Corazon also spoke about her other insecurities saying that she was insecure about different parts of her body.

She added that had she not gotten pregnant, she would be worried about acne, her thighs, or sometimes her teeth, but that is no longer the case.

Corazon mentioned that after getting pregnant, she never got insecure even once, and instead, she fell in love with her body.

"I was 2 months pregnant here, I have always been insecure about something (different parts of me every other time) today I would be insecure about my acne-scarred face, tomorrow about my thighs, next day about my teeth, it has always been something."

She stated that from there she developed self-love in everything she did and was confident, but the situation changed immediately after she gave birth to her son.

"But strangely enough when I got pregnant I wasn’t insecure even one day, I loved my body the most. I developed self-love and appreciation and whatever I did I was exuding confidence. PS; that went out the window once I had the baby."

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