Willis Raburu makes shock marriage proposal to Ivy on son's birthday

Ivy Namu was so happy as the Willis Raburu finally put a ring on it

• Willis Raburu surprised many when he went down on one knee during his son's birthday bash.

• Ivy wiped away tears as she accepted a proposal she had no clue was coming.

in a file photo
Willis Raburu with Ivy Namu in a file photo
Image: Instagram

Yesterday, Willis Raburu surprised his partner Ivy Namu and assembled guests when he decided to go on one knee and propose to her.

Ivy was none the wiser as she was just expecting a birthday bash for their son, Mali who was turning 1 year.

But like a romance writer with a panache for the stage, Willis decided to thrill his pregnant partner with one of the best proposals ever.

Ivy also posted an image of her finger cradling the beautiful rock that Willis had put on her. Her simple caption read,  "A thousand times yes, in this lifetime & the next 💛🥰"

In clips circulating on Willis and Ivy's Instagram pages, one can see how happy and full of mirth that she is.

Not only did he go on one knee in front of the guests but the Citizen TV presenter decided to get Nviiri to come and serenade his love.

''You are my love, my everything... and if you give me this pleasure,'' Willis Raburu said as he got down on one knee to propose.

The giggling Ivy didn't give the 10 over 10 presenter a tough time and promptly accepted the proposal as she wiped tears from her eyes. ''Of Course,'' she said as the crowd cheered on.

This will be the culmination of a romance that started Ivy started working at Hot 96 and 10/10. Ivy revealed this during an Instagram QnA session in July last year.

A curious fan had wanted to find out how she hooked up with “big man Bazu”.

“Where did you meet Bazu” posed a fan.

Namu replied “When I started working at Hot 96 (@Hot96Kenya and 10/10 @1010fanpage”

On November 16, 2019, Namu appeared on 10/10 as a guest and was interviewed by Raburu.

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