• Tessy Chocolate and Aslay have a daughter who they are co-parenting.

• Tessy owns a company that sells skin care products.

Aslay's baby mama Tessy
Aslay's baby mama Tessy

Aslay's baby Mama Tessy has revealed that she isn't ready to get a second child until she meets Mr. Right. 

Speaking during an interview with Ayo TV, she shared,

"She is good I thank God. I am not ready for a second child. Given the life and environment, I have brought my child in, I want to find the right person.

Bringing someone into the world is not something you do for fun. I want to give birth with someone who will be present for our kids. Sometimes one goes through challenges and wishes that the dad was present."

Tessy says she has a good relationship with Aslay despite them not working out.

"I became a mum at 20 years. He has never refused to send support nor denied the child."

baby mama
Aslay's baby mama
Image: Instagram

Has she ever dated a married man before?

'I have dated a married man before. Tanzanian men are not men you can be proud to show off. I did not know at first. He told me later because he thought if he told me I would dump him. That was one of the reasons we parted. I left after finding out. It hurt my feelings because I was in love with him. I wondered what other secrets he was keeping."

Tessy says she is currently single;

"Relationships hurt and pull someone back. I have a very light heart and I am very loyal to people. But Tanzanian men are not loyal. All the men I have dated know that I have never cheated on them. I never stay in a relationship just because this is how men are."

Tessy says she hopes to someday meet a man who meets her qualifications.

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