• Akothee has been documenting her trip in France through various videos and photos.

• Akothee wore a cute short-ruffled red wine colored dress that showed her legs to perfection.

set for a world tour
Singer Akothee set for a world tour
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Akothee is currently in France to visiting her three children. While in the European country, she also decided to hold a concert.

Over the weekend, the single mother of five shared a video from one of her performances in the country.

She bragged about the one hour and 45 minutes she was performing to her lovely fans.

In one of the videos, we see Akothee walking in enthusiastically to an adoring crowd who were chanting her name. She was accompanied by her well-built bodyguards.

Akothee wore a cute short-ruffled red wine-coloured dress that showed her legs to perfection.

She was insix-inch-high heels as she took to the stage to churn out her favorite songs from her latest album.

"Munich! Munich! THIS LOVE TOO MUCH FOR ONE PERSON. one WOMAN SHOW 1 hour 45 Minutes performance," she wrote.

However, her fans felt disappointed with her performance as they had expected a huge turnout because she had hyped the event.

Some fans said she would have had a better turnout in Kenya than she had in France. Below are a few comments from her fans online;


dave_odie: Akothe hizi wimbo zako ni Category gani?? RNB? Wewe kama sio pesa wimbo zako hata kwa disco matanga haziwezi chezwa.

Sungura mwituni: Hii ni birthday celebration ama ni party. Na mliamua iwe kwa bedsitter.

kofi Baridi: Wee show nikama bash ya makejani.

Stella Kavata: Yaani uliacha mafans Kenya ukaenda Munich kuchekesha watu saba ju ya meza. ni sawa tu.

Jimmy Wa Murigu: Sasa hii ni performance gani unaperformia juu ya meza. Akothee wacha kutupima.

Santorini Queen: Madam come to santorini i can pull a big crowd for you than those oga. Kenyans in Germany hatuwaoni.

Christian ks: Kwani people did not show up?"

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