• Willis Raburu described Namu as the love of his life during a cute proposal event.

• Ivy Namu shared a photo of her finger cradling the beautiful ring that Willis had put on her.

Willis Raburu, Ivy Namu and their son
Willis Raburu, Ivy Namu and their son
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Media personality Willis Raburu engaged his baby Mama Ivy Namu during his son's birthday last night.

The veteran media personality assembled his friends and after singing a birthday song for their son Mali, Raburu went down on his knee and proposed to the mother of his child.

Ivy who is expecting her second child said yes to the love of her life and shared a photo of her ring finger cradling the beautiful jewelry that Willis had put on her.

Her simple caption read,  "A thousand times yes, in this lifetime & the next."

The theme of the event was green, yellow, and Teal. Ballon arches were spread all over the place and guests wore their best.

Sol Generation's Nviiri performed a love song for Namu during the event with Mr. Raburu describing Namu as the love of his life.

"You are my love, my everything... and if you give me this pleasure."

In a past Q and A session on her Instagram, a fan asked her how she knew Raburu was the right man for her.

Namu said Raburu was compassionate, honest, and a principled man.

"I feel safe and secure around him and never had to ask about what he's feeling and plan with me are coz he's always been so open about it," she said.

"Also, I never had to change, hide, or fake anything about myself (good or bad) around him. I can always be 100% me and that makes me feel free."

She was also asked if their son had made their love grow stronger to which she said, "Since we both wanted him also, its been great watching each other evolve in the parenting thing, plus we've gotten better at communicating and attending each others needs."

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