• Lilly Asigo has lost a lot of friends after picking the sober life.

• Jua Cali's wife has opened up on why she went sober.

at a club lounge
Jua Cali with Lilly Asigo at a club lounge
Image: Instagram

Jua Cali's wife Lilly Asigo, has opened up about why she adopted a sober lifestyle. The mother of three said she quit alcohol at the end of June this year.

On her Instagram, she explained that she now wants to focus on God.

"I thought I should let my friends and family know that I made a decision to stop drinking on 30th June 2022.  The next day on the 1st of July I went to a club and I wasn’t tempted to have alcohol.

It’s safe to call it closure because the environment made me want to excuse myself and pray instead.

I felt out of place spiritually but deep down I felt happy, that I’m now different and I’m exactly where I belong, in Christ, in his presence, in his power, in his spirit.

I’ve cast out demons in the past through the Holy Spirit, laid hands on my kids and they got healed from different kinds of sicknesses. I missed that."

Asigo also said she has lost a lot of friends after picking the sober life;

"I thank God for the spirit of discernment and Pastor Davies of Victory Faith Church told me I will lose friends, so many of them because sometimes one needs separation in order to elevate. I’m talking about spiritual elevation. It’s for the best and I’m ready."

Speaking about her husband's reaction, Asigo said her husband was surprised by her abrupt decision to stop drinking,

"When we mature, we realise that we cannot be forced to make decisions, things change and we view life differently.

My spiritual eyes and ears are open. Heavenly father take the wheel, the blood of Jesus protect me, holy spirit fill me up, angels of God surround me.

I bow down before you Jesus once more as my personal saviour. Cleanse, heal and strengthen me everyday, Amen."

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