Aliiptisam’s birthday included HIV test

The former Nairobi Diaries actress wasn't afraid of sharing her test results

• Aliiptisam surprised Kenyans when she revealed that she had done an HIV test for her birthday.

• The lady who is vying for the Nairobi Women’s Rep position explained that it was something she did every year.

in a file photo
Aliiptisam in a file photo
Image: Instagram

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Aliiptisam gets tested for HIV every year. On Saturday, July 2, the actress-turned-socialite posted this on her Instagram stories while showcasing a negative test result.

Aliiptisam clarified what could appear strange to others, saying, "So guys, the day of my birthday is the beginning of my year and I typically want to start it again. I often perform a thorough body check-up, and one of them is for HIV. Although my birthday was in April and I was out of town, we are still here."

She also went on to share a video while at the AAR health facilities, where she was patiently waiting.

"People out here bragging, yet they are busy spreading diseases like confetti…ladies and gentlemen know your status,” she added.

The reality TV star has been busy over the last couple of months hosting parties in high-end clubs, as she is in the running for the Nairobi woman rep seat.

Her simple political motto? ‘Usichoke hustle’. A few months ago, Ali shared laid down some of her grand plans into four sectors.

In a series of posts to her stories on Instagram, Zeid said she will be creating a conducive business environment, effective social protection, a healthy and stable population and security and safety for Nairobians.

"A business environment that is conducive for a common mwananchi (mimi na ma hustler wenzangu)

2: Effective social protection.

3: A healthy and stable population.

4: Security and safety, we all need security in 1 way or the other. And the list goes on...," she wrote.

On what skills she would bring on board, she said the ‘Woman Rep’ position only requires confidence.

"I don’t think I need any special skills to be a representative for any governance. I am a Kenyan, this is my country, I have the guts and will to take on any challenge in this life, and in this country."

"At my young age am not scared or shaken to announce that am ready to represent my fellow Hustlers, wasee tu hustle tusichoke."

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