16 things you didn't know about Maina Kageni (List)

16 Little known details about Maina Kageni (List)

•Maina is the host of 'Maina and King'angi in the Morning' a show that airs on Classic 105.

•Maina is the brand Ambassador of Tembea Kenya Jenga Kenya, which is aimed at helping boost tourism in Kenya.

and Mwalimu King'ang'i
Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i
Image: Instagram

Kenyan radio King Maina Kageni is today celebrating his 48th birthday. Truth be told he is loved by many for his outgoing nature.

Below are some fun facts you did not know about Maina.

1.He hails from Muranga.

2. He lost his dad at a tender age (2 years) hence he was brought up by his mum.

3. He is a bachelor.

4.He inherited his late dad's properties when he turned 21.

5. He dropped out of campus in the UK.

6. Maina Kageni is an ex-truck driver for a Fish delivering Chinese firm when he lived in the UK.7. Maina hates avocados.8. He owns a condo in America.

9. Maina got into radio by 'accident'.

Speaking about the incident that led him to land a radio job, Maina shared

"DJ Pinye and I had brought over some deejays from the United Kingdom and we went to Capital FM to book airtime to advertise the gig. We were then asked for sh40, 000 for the voiceover. We did not have any more cash so I offered to do it. John Wilkins liked it and offered me a job! If I had that money on me, I would not be on the radio.” he says.

10. He has worked for Capital FM, Nation FM, and KISS FM.

11. Maina owns more than 500 pairs of shoes.He gifts some of them to friends and his workers to do what they please with them.

12. His current ride is a BMW 2020 X6 sDrive40i.13. Maina loves women but has vowed to NEVER get married.

14. Plans on retiring from Radio in 2022.

15. His crush is Sanaipei Tande.

16. He offered Sanaipei Tande 500k just to have his baby an offer she turned down.

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