The rise and rise and continued rise of TikTok dancer Moya David

David Moya has become one of the biggest dancers in Kenya thanks to TikTok


• Moya David is Kenya''s most-followed TikToker with more than 3 million fans.

• Moya David is so popular that even the likes of Simon Kabu flew him to entertain his wife on her birthday this past weekend.

in a plane
Moya David in a plane
Image: Instagram

If you frequent social media streets then you probably have bumped into a couple of Moya David's interesting dance videos.

Also, you might have come across him in the CBD busting a move and delighting people Kenyans. The TikTok dancer is popularly known for ambushing people on streets, markets, homes, and even restaurants before he spreads cheer by entertaining people by dancing for them.

He surprises people with a choreographed dance while gyrating to the famous song titled "Mi Amor". He then gives them some flowers and a card afterward.

The 34-year-old hails from Kajiado county in Kitengela and started dancing professionally in 2019.

In a past interview, he said that dancing was a passion as well as a gift for him, one that he grasped when he was about eight or nine years of age.

“I tried to give other professions a chance, but my heart called to dance. There is a point when I vowed not to dance again and instead focus on my budding journalism career,” he said.

The dancer being the Kenyan TikTok with the most-followed account in Kenya has become a household name. He has a total of 3.2 million followers and a total of 38.0 million likes on the app.

He added: “In time, I however realised that the money to be made was actually in dance. That’s how I stuck to it.”

He said that he started his dancing career alone but later on he saw the need of coming up with a group and also starting his own school of dance.

Moya also revealed that the video that really went viral was a clip of him dancing for a female tout before offering her a bar of chocolate, making her burst into excitement.

“I think she loved it so much because she went weak in the knees. My videographer and I had to make sure she didn’t faint.”I am incredibly proud to reach this amazing milestone. I will keep serving you premium content, just the way you like it," he wrote.

And how does Moya go about doing his videos? First, he identifies a target, then his camera person sets up his equipment.

“Once my camera person is on the set I’ll jump in and the show starts. It has to work and if it backfires, it’s not "good" content, so it has to be perfect,” he said.

The talented dancer also added that none of his stunts are staged, and every single clip is a new adventure for which he is uncertain of the result.

He recently partnered with CEO bonfire adventures Simon Kabu who together with his wife Sarah Kabu flew out of the country to Mauritius in the company of their children to celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary.

Simon Kabu booked him a flight to Mauritius to surprise his wife during the celebrations. Moya David took to Instagram where he posted a photo captioned, "Mauritius I just landed, don't let your dreams be dreams. One plane ticket at a time."

David Moya walked to the business class seats where Simon Kabu's wife had slept and upon opening her eyes she was left with her mouth wide agape.

He performed for her which made her extremely happy with tears of joy trickling down her two cheeks. He gifted her flowers, chocolates, and a cake.

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