Fun facts about Michelle Ntalami's new bae Chipmurnk

What you need to know about Michelle Ntalami's new lover

 • Michelle Ntalami has introduced her new lover Chipmurnk.

• The little known Chipmurnk is into fashion, style and art.

new bae
Michelle Ntalami new bae

Michelle Ntalami is in love! Yes you read that right.

The Marini naturals CEO has introduced her new heartthrob, a lady who goes by the name Chipmurnk.

Michelle flooded her Insta stories with short videos of them in a car being cozy and looking all glammed up.

Michelle couldn't have chosen a better day to introduce her lover as she did it on her 38th birthday.

In the video, Chipmurnk who is dressed in a white shirt, a black bow tie and a pair of white trousers, is seen holding Michelle's hand and proceeds to kiss it the moment Michelle pans the camera towards her.

Michelle is seen rocking a gorgeous mustard dress. 

 "I feel loved again" read Michelle's caption complete with a love heart emoji and kissing lips emoji," a clear indication she had found her new lover.

In one of Chipmurnk's insta stories, the couple is seen enjoying themselves in a hotel room. Chipmurnk's caption reads, "Happy birthday baby #thirtyATE To love, happiness, healing and your new year @michelle.ntalami kiss emoji." 

In a separate post, Chipmurnk says she came dressed like a King for the queen before tagging Michelle.

Check the screenshots below;

But what do we know about Chipmurnk?

1. Loves fashion

When you go through Chimpmurnk's Instagram profile one thing that is clear is her fashion sense.

Back in February 2021, Chipmurnk was featured on True Love where she described her style as 'Calm and Classy because my style describes my personality.'

Adding, "Having a unique sense of style means society tends to ask, 'Why can’t you dress like other girls? Why don’t you wear dresses and skirts?' or 'Why don’t you put on make-up?'

And my answer is always one fact, We live in a society that has boxed girls and boys in a way that we grow up thinking certain clothes are for gents while some are for ladies but l chose to live with my own rules."

2. Outgoing

Most of Chipmurnk's photos are taken outdoors. In the photos she is either out in the wild, swimming or at an event.  

3. Loves photography

This goes without saying anyone who is into fashion automatically loves photography. I mean how will the world see the attires and the outfits they are rocking?

4. Loves Art

According to Chipmurnk's bio, she loves art, style and fashion.

Two weeks ago Michelle took to her Instagram to advice her followers on how to deal with the end of friendships. Michelle shared a caption that spoke about staying in one's comfort zone or breaking away from the crowd and leveling up.

She later penned her experience saying,

"The betrayals I've gone through and continue to go through could easily break anyone. But I've worked so hard in my healing journey that my guard stays up now on both friendships and romantic relationships. FYI, this city will force you  to guard up!"

"No more dishing out love, friendships, and support to anyone recklessly. It has cost me too much. My motto is, scratch my back, and I will scratch yours. ride for me and I will ride for you. Ultimately so long as I know my conscience is clear I'm good with losing whichever connection. Absolutely  no one will make me feel guilty for my personality growth or success." Michelle added.

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