I feel loved! Michelle Ntalami introduces new bae on her birthday

• Michelle Ntalami seemed to have moved on after breaking up with her ex-lover.

• Michelle's new bae identifies as Mario shared photos and videos together on their Instagram page

Michelle Ntalami on her birthday
Michelle Ntalami on her birthday
Image: courtesy

Marini CEO Michelle Ntalami is in love again.

Ntalami shared photos with her new lover on her Instagram stories revealing that she had found love again

While holding hands with a new bae, Michelle's new bae identifies as Mario shared photos and videos together and captioned;

"To love, happiness, healing and your new year. had to show up like a king for the queen."

On her page, Ntalami wrote;

"I feel loved again."

Michelle Ntalami's new bae
Michelle Ntalami's new bae
Image: courtesy

Michelle also shared cute photos on her page celebrating her birthday.

She hoped to be happy in her new years.

"On this day, world was blessed with this Queen, and no doubt this Queen was blessed with the world!

God Has not only given me another year, but a better year than the last! This year, we keep it light and happy, because that’s exactly where I’m at! I am intentionally celebrating 3 things," she wrote.

Michelle highlighted that experience is the best teacher and that for one to be successful, you ought to go through challenges.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.” This is my mantra when it comes to growth, elevation and experience. You need to hit rock bottom, to vow to get to the peak.

You need to fail, to want to win. You need to feel unsatisfied with your life to want to make a change mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally. You need to get your heart broken, to finally understand what real love should be.

You need to lose it all, to want to gain it all back, plus buy the block! Experience is the best teacher. If you never had challenges, you’d remain stagnant, average and unsharpened."

She added that she has learnt to embrace all the good, bad, beautiful and ugly experiences that have shaped her.

"This year, in true Queenly fashion, I stand tall, beautifully and royally. Because of experience, my heart is lighter, my life is better, and my crown is definitely firmer!"

Michelle Ntalami with her new bae
Michelle Ntalami with her new bae
Image: courtesy
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