• Ali Kiba and Simba are known to pettily come after each other

• They have each denied bad blood exists, but their actions don't

Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba
Diamond and Ali Kiba Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba
Image: Instagram

Bongo singer, Ali Kiba, might just be taking shots at Diamond Platnumz.

In his latest Instagram story, Ali Kiba sings that the 'the lion is asleep in the mighty jungle', in what can be seen as a diss at Diamond Platnumz aka Simba.

He was singing while displaying all the musical awards he has gotten throughout his career. The song featured was in both the film and musical versions of The Lion King,

The references to the lion sleeping were a coded message that British rule would not defeat the Zulu people, who would one day wake up.

Ali Kiba displayed the awards he has won in his entire career as a musician as he danced holding a phone while doing the video. He eagerly sings the 'lion is asleep' song in front of the display table.

The awards include several national and international awards including one that was the Best African Act award that was wrongly given to Wizkid by MTV in 201.

We must say that Ali Kiba has earned his bragging rights and is one of the most successful musicians whom Kenyans love.

Ali Kiba set a new record at the Tanzania Music Awards, winning 17 Awards after winning 5 awards at the 2022 Tanzania Music Awards that were held for the first time on April 2, 2022 after 6 years hiatus.

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